Live in Madrid

Morten “Diesel” DahlDrums
Ronni Le TekrøGuitars
Victor BorgeBass
Tony HarnellVocals
Dag StokkeKeyboards, Vocals (backing)
Release date:September 19th, 2006

Disc 1 (CD)

1.Invisible Noise04:15
2.As Far as the Eye Can See04:53
3.Downhill Racer05:38
4.A Fix04:22
5.She Needs Me03:13
6.Give Me a Sign05:39
7.Guitar Solo09:06
8.Caught Between the Tigers04:53
9.Listen to Your Heart03:29
10.Black Butterfly06:29
11.Seven Seas05:06
12.Forever Shine On06:33
13.Fantasia Española04:54
14.My Religion04:03
15.10.000 Lovers (in One)03:37
Disc 2 (DVD)  
1.Invisible Noise 
2.As Far as the Eye Can See 
3.Downhill Racer 
4.A Fix 
5.She Needs Me 
6.Give Me a Sign 
7.Guitar Solo 
8.Caught Between the Tigers 
9.Listen to Your Heart 
10.Black Butterfly 
11.Seven Seas 
12.Forever Shine On 
13.Fantasia Española 
14.My Religion 
15.10.000 Lovers (in One)