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Text: Line Elizabeth Sagbak



Born February 02. 1978

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

Ove was born in Lillehammer Norway, a town at the northend of the lake Mjøsa. He moved to Gjøvik when he was 16 years old, and has lived there ever since.

When he was young he started to play with his relatives in his musically gifted family, siblings and cousins. During those years he learned to play drums, guitar and, of course, bass! Ove said that he was given the instruments no one else wanted, usually the drums and the bass. That is how you become a muscian and a true artist!

As a musician he had his first paid music gig at 16 years old, in 1994.

In his 20s -and 30s Ove played with Uncle Barrys Bunckers, SpringPeeper and Supernoia. The Irish folk music band Jolly Beggarmen is also a part of his life in music. Their album «Shoot From The Hip», realeased in 2009, got a really warm welcome from both the media and fans.  (OA – Oppland Arbeiderblad, Frode Hermanrud, 17.12. 2009.)

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

Ove is a sound engineer, and has been so for over 20 years. He has worked with some of the most renowned artists in the music business and he is also a producer and a highly skilled studio musician. He may be best known by the fans as the solid bass player of Ronni Le Tekrø’s solo band, and, of course, TNT’s!

Øystein Husemoen, the mind and fingers behind the “Norwegain Wood Series Guitars”, is in fact Ove’s cousin.

A lot of our bass player’s inspriation in music comes from 70s and 80s Rock`n Roll: Led Zeppelin, Yes, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and of course Queen. Music lovers will have no problem understanding why Ove is inspired by these bands.

Ove is a skilled musician and with drummer Diesel Dahl, keeps the TNT Rock`n Roll Train firmly on its tracks! We have all heard both guitar and drum solos, and we do truly love them, but… How about a bass solo with some of that Ove Husemoen ampf? This is up there on the top of our wishlist. We trust Ove to help us with this ASAP!

For fun, or to be more precise, when Ove is not working directly with is music, he likes to go fishing!

He says that the catch is not the important thing, but it does happen from time to time that there is fresh fish for dinner. He is also known for perfecting the art of building a fire*! Ove makes it very clear that putting the right type of wood at the right place at the right time, is what keeps it from engulfing your friends and surroundings in smoke.

From this we can tell that creativity and accuracy are essential in everyday life, for Ove, as it is in his music!

In the near future, Ove says that he will be working with TNT, of course, and he is currently in the writing process working on his solo project. We are not so patiently waiting to hear what he has created!

* In Norway, with temperatures often below -20º Celsius, and given the taste of the Norwegian people for spending time in the nature, and for fireplaces as well, this is quite relevant.

Photo: Kjell “Sola” Solstad