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Text: Line Elizabeth Sagbak

Ronni Le


Born October 5. 1963

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

Ronni Le Tekrø has been a musician since he was born, and most of us know him best as one of the key founders, the leader and guitarist, of TNT.

He moved to Raufoss (Vestre Toten, Oppland) at a young age and has lived there all his life, with the exception of 1982 – 85, when he lived in Trondheim.

For over 3 decades Ronni has been one of the most influential guitarists in the world of rock and heavy metal music.

Le Tekrø has a trademark playing technique: the acclaimed “machine gun” picking signature style. His unique composition style also makes most of his guitar solos a separate part in the song, a “song within a song”, you could say, so full of melody and feeling. He has also a unique way of approaching the rhythm parts, far from any kind of boundaries! Ronni is also well known for his characteristic singing voice; it contains every colour in music and there is a stroke of melancholy to it that makes it very easy to recognize!

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

Guitar Player magazine ranked Ronni Le Tekrø as among The Top 10 guitarists in the world in 1989. In February 2009 he was ranked in The Top 25 guitarists. He was also featured in Guitar World magazine in March of 2019, where he breaks down the tracks of the latest TNT album, «XIII» (Frontiers).

Ronni started out playing guitar in the band Rockfire, which played classic hard rock music, in 1977. The band changed their name to Roquefire and released a single in 1981 with the tracks «The Island of Marat» and «(Heavy) Boys Don`t Cry». The band was officially dissolved in 1982, but in 2014 they released the album «Roll With Your Demons», which got some very good reviews both in Norway and internationally.

(Heavy) Boys Don`t Cry

Roll With Your Demons

‘He was like a shining champagne glass in a sink full of dirty dishes’ -Thor Rune Haugen, about the epiphany when he heard the 14 year old Ronni play for the first time.

Ronni Le Tekrø is a very prolific and active musician, he has released solo albums and worked with so many different artists, like the acclaimed Norwegian guitar player Terje Rypdal. With him, he released the albums «Rypdal/Tekrø» and «Rypdal/Tekrø II». Ronni was also the creative force behind the band Vagabond in the nineties.

During his career, since 1982, Ronni has released 28 albums with different projects and worked with multiple musicians. Some of the most remarkable must be:

«Just A Smile» / «We Love the Woods» (04.08.1994)

«Extra Strong String» (04.08.1998)

«Under The Mistletoe» (EP) (18.12.2002)

«Magica Lanterna» (11.04.2002)

«Kingdom Of Norway» (17.09.2007)

«Mein Amph» (24.11.2014)

«Mein Amph II»(25.09.2015)

And let’s not forget the 13 studio albums he created with TNT!

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim


Ronni Le Tekrø, along with TNT, was awarded the Spellemannprisen (The Norwegian Grammy) for the Rock and Roll Album Of The Year in 1987 for «Tell No Tales».

Ronni was also awarded the Oppland Fylkeskommunes Kunstnerstipend (Art Council Award, Norway) in 2000.

In 2001 he received the Vestre Totens Kulturpris (Culture Prize).

‘Le Tekrø has the true artist ability to make melody and rhythm no matter what instrument he picks up’ -Jan Dahle (Rock and Roll Dreams.)


Ronni says that among his musical inspirations you will find Jimi Hendrix, Uli Jon Roth and Tony Iommi, guitarist for the legendary metal band Black Sabbath. Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, and Steve Hillage, associated with the Canterbury Scene, as well. Ian Bairnson founder of the prog guitar band Alan Parsons Project is no exception, and Bill Nelson an English songwriter, guitarist and the singer in Be-Bop Deluxe is of course among Ronni Le Tekrø favourite inspirations. Ronni Le Tekrø is also a fan of music from the 1920s – 30s.

The explanation for this may very well be that he is a Guitar God-Alien, even though it is said that he was born in Oslo…

Ronni Le Tekrø, the Guitar God-Alien, is also a character in the comic book «Hjalmar», and when he was asked in the summer of 2017 by the cartoonist Nils Axle Kanten how many guitar strings he had used during his career, Ronni said that he couldn`t be sure, “…but let’s go with 33,718”.

Currently, Ronni is working hard. Not only with TNT, but also with other artists, He has also been active as an artist who is clearly willing to improve his level as a musician.

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

Photo: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim